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About B.E.S.T

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B.E.S.T is an industry leader and has experience in planning hundreds of meetings and events of varying types and sizes around the world.

Founder and President, Saira Banu Kianes, CMP has more than twenty-five years experience in professional meeting planning, hospitality management, vendor management, destination knowledge, and customer service. She is a seasoned traveller and well connected with global vendors and venues and industry leaders. Saira has led many meeting planning departments and mentored countless newcomers to this wonderful industry.

B.E.S.T is not another freelance meeting planner looking to gain your business. B.E.S.T has been trained and has experience with many large firms: American Express, Bankers Trust, Deutsche Bank, Leukemia Soceity of America, Mellon Financial, Hilton Hotels, pharmacuetical firms and medical Education Companies. B.E.S.T has been on many sides of this industry. (Supplier, Vendor, Negotiator, Trainer, Client etc.,) We understand your needs and requirements.

With B.E.S.T you receive a one stop shopping experience, one contact from beginning to end. No details fall through the cracks. While other meeting planners may be assigned to a project, Saira is personally involved with every meeting, every contract, every vendor and every client making sure no detail is overlooked and that every program meets with success.

This is our commitment to true customer service
  •  Knowledge of the Industry
  •  Seasoned Professionals, Experienced in Both the Supplier and Planner Roles
  •  Access to over 50,000 of the highest-quality venues available globally
  •  Customer Advocate, with No Allegiance to Any Property or Brand
  •  One Point of Contact, to Streamline the Meeting Process
  •  Capitalization on our Volume Discounts and Vendor Relationships
  •  Compliance Expert
  •  48-Hour RFP Process
  •  Search Results that are Presented in a Side-by-Side Comparative Format
  •  Final Bill Review and Resolution
  •  Proven Cost Savings to our Clients!