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Hotel & Venue Contract Negotiation

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Saira Banu Kianes is known as a shrewd Negotiator in the industry!!

As the industry leader, we guarantee the prices we negotiate on your behalf for meetings and events will be as low or lower than you could arrange on your own. You are assured of accurate, liability-reducing contracts. We process hundreds of contracts per year and are available to analytically review your contract, not as a legal advisor, but to determine prevailing industry standards to limit our client's contractual liability and ensure their protection.

B.E.S.T negotiates and customizes each contract with venues, destinations, each client with their needs. Here are some key points:

  •  Guest Room Rates
  •  VIP Upgrades and Amenities
  •  Complimentary Meeting Planner accommodations
  •  Attrition Allotments
  •  Cancellation Clauses
  •  Cut-off Dates
  •  Overbooking Clauses
  •  Walk Policies
  •  Force Majeure Clauses
  •  Construction Clauses
  •  Non-Compete Clauses
  •  Indemnification Clauses
  •  Other Concessions (amenities, parking, A/V, food & beverage)

B.E.S.T negotiates the BEST value for our clients in a creative way obtaining the lowest rates and the greatest number of concessions and amenities.

Negotiation is an Art. It comes to you with years of experience and building long lasting relationships within the industry. Negotiation can be done from your first phone call until final payment.